A learning app that allows you to learn from sounds, voices, and conversations

COTODAMA is a learning service that allows you to easily learn Japanese as if you were playing games.
You can choose a simple and efficient learning style that suits you.
You will learn to speak Japanese quickly, even when you can use it on the ground.

A total of 6,000 conversation phrases are included!

Intensive pronouncement of voice phrases in conversations enables understanding and retention of conversations from daily life to occupational settings.

Complete translation in six languages!

Supports English, Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesian, Traditional Chinese, and Korean. Add languages at any time.

Ranking of learning achievements!

You can compete with other users for the degree of learning. Top rankings have rewards and can enjoy learning while maintaining motivation.

Let's emulate the example first!

Beginning with vocalizations, you can develop practical conversational skills.
It covers a wide range of topics, from daily conversations to vocational phrases.
Practice at your own free time without having to face your lecturer.

  • Shadow conversation!
  • 6000 different abundant phrases!
  • Practice at any time regardless of location!

Let's challenge if Japanese is passed on!

When you get used to speaking, try to make sound decisions.
The voice recognition function determines whether your phrase is played correctly.
If you can sound right, you can take on the next challenge.

  • Correct pronouncement decision features!
  • Propose relevant issues from your learning history!
  • Scenes and difficulty levels can be set in detail!

Aim for the top ranking!

Top people with continuous learning are displayed in the ranking.
You can earn points that can be exchanged for gifts, etc. as top-level compensation.
Compete with your peers for the highest title.

  • Gift GET just by learning!?
  • Enjoyment functions such as titles!
  • Check your status!

Let's enjoy learning Japanese!


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